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We’d been friends for so long. We were housemates. It hadn’t occurred to me we’d anything more. Not until that night. When things changed.

Housemates to Roommates — Out of the Friend’s Zone —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

I’d been seeing a guy who I knew wasn’t perfect, but then who is. He’d let me down again, and I’d got home just an hour after leaving for the night.

Dressed for partying, and I was going home to sit on a sofa and watch TV. …


The cliffs dropped away just a short distance from her window. It gave the impression she was on the edge of the world. The blackness beyond loud, waves crashing on the rocks and pebble beach far below

He Came To Give Her The Gift She Never Knew She Needed —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

The beach. Her beloved expanse of pebbles and shingle, melting into sand just beyond the water’s edge.

Almost by instinct, her hand slid into her lap. The tartan blanket thick and warm, her body heat held beneath it. He had luxuriated in her warmth. …


I’m thinking of writing a novel series about older women and younger men

Do We Need A New Mrs Robinson? —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

There are so many wonderful clichés about older men and younger women, I want to boost the older woman vibe. Mrs Robinson style.

What do you think?

Does this short story hit the spot?

…She was all-encompassing. He was no longer intimidated by her age, her knowledge, her reputation. He loved her and was her partner. …


She slid her hand inside her blouse. As he lay back to watch

She Took The Call, He Took Advantage —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

She’d propped the phone up against the bedhead. Kneeling to face it, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

His hand rested on his crotch as she pulled open her blouse to expose her naked tits. No underwear, as instructed.

Her fingertips trailed down her neck, across one tit, and pinched the…

Medium has become a struggle lately, so this is to say a HUGE thank you for your DD support

Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

At the end of this newsletter I’ll share a few of the Medium stories I’ve written since we chatted last.


Don’t get me wrong I’m still loving bringing you stories on Medium, but lately many, many writer’s income has dropped, a lot.

It’s frustrating to see your income drop through…

Milk Kink

I’m not the most romantic, you know that, but that day you truly broke my heart. You made me gasp, I was literally breathless. You looked so beautiful

It Was Like Our First Date, With Added Milk — breasts — naked woman — underwear —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

It’s been a few days since you stopped feeding our twins. It had taken it out of you and me both. Sleepless nights and no rest, but luckily it had also brought us closer too.

I heard from friends how babies often signal the end of the relationship, but with…


I’ve always loved the beach in the high heat of summer. When you need to pull on flip-flops, or thongs, as they call them elsewhere

I Think I Had Sex on the Beach — sex — masseuse —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

You know when you do those two steps and screech and dive back onto your towel before the red hot sand removes the souls of your feet?

It was that kind of day when you came into my life. The light was white hot and hazy as I opened my…

Daizy Dennis

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