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I wanted company but was alone on a business trip. Options? TV porn, unfulfilling but safe. Stranger pick up in the local bar, fun, risky and no guarantees. Call up an ex who you had a one nighter with last year at the same event. Nope, the worst option.

I Wanted A Hot Night With a Young Buck and He Came Knocking —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

I wanted sex, but didn’t want it on my own. I would, of course, call on my trusty friend, but it was tucked up safely in my underwear drawer, at home, and besides, some days you just want to be well and truly fucked. By a bloke.

I scrolled through…


That very first time was the start of something, wasn’t it? I was so naïve, then you arrived and changed it all, changed me.

I Stripped, You Watched Then Gave Me My Reward —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

I’d had sex, lots of it, but mostly with inexperienced men. Damn, I never knew it. Guessed the grunting and groping was just what it was all about. Didn’t think I’d ever find someone who made me come first. Didn’t even think that was a thing. I’d even been told…

OWYM, First Impressions

I watched as he picked up his coffee cup. Strong dark hands, neat, maybe manicured nails. He held the mug in his hand, one finger slotted casually through the handle.

I Think I Just Met My New Playmate —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

As he raised it to his lips, my eyes followed his hand. He was maybe ten years younger than me, maybe more. Confident in that understated way of being invisible until you made eye contact.

I watched absent mindedly as he blew on his coffee. That was when I got…

Voyeurism, Billionaire, Bondage

There I was waiting. Naked, tied to the daybed, and he was suggesting I just be patient!

My Rich Lover Had a New Toy, But it Wasn’t What I Expected — Part Two —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

Want to get in the mood?

Read Part One HERE

I don’t know if someone has ever tied you to a bed, but it’s delicious torment. It’s scary as fuck the first time, but if you’re with someone you trust, it soon becomes horny as heck. I think it’s the gorgeous confusion of the lack of…


Do you remember that first time? I’d never done it before, been too embarrassed, but you took me along for the ride, trained me well

The First Letter to a Lover —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

Phone sex had always been a thing. Long-distance relationships are like that. Sexting came next, although I dropped some emojis to cover the really personal stuff. Later I didn’t. …

Enemies to Friends, Smacking

I’d never liked her, fancied her, yes, just like every other boy in class, but no one actually liked her. Now here I was in a taxi with her. Damn me for being polite

Our Play Fights Always Lead to the Hottest Sex —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

I’d bumped into her at the hotel near to the school reunion. We were both ready to go. I heard myself offer to share a cab. I should have just ignored her.

Tempted as I was to tell the cabbie to pull over so I could walk the rest of…

Billionaire, Blow Job

I heard the new young buck in the office bragging about some conquest. Made a mental note to keep an eye on the guy. If he didn’t mature very quickly, he’d be out. I didn’t tolerate misogyny or such blatant borderline psychopathy in my company

Sex in a Limousine —
Created by Daizy Dennis in CanvaPro

I had to smile as I walked away, though. These young guys reckon they invented office sex. They truly haven’t got a clue. I thought back over the years I’ve built the brand, the various office encounters. I’ve been lucky enough to meet, date and, yes, have sex with some…

Daizy Dennis

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